Over the years, we see a lot of IT solution companies sell their basic automation and online solutions at a premium – a price so high that only large profitable companies can afford.

Technology nowadays is so readily available and easily accessible that all types of business - be it big, medium, small or even startups - should have the opportunity to use and benefit from.

SignHUB recognises this gap in the industry and aims to offer comprehensive solutions to allow smaller enterprises like yours, who have limited resources and money, to shine, standout and grow.

Partner with us, and release your unlimited potentials!

We understand your position and we can help you.
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Who Are We

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot /ˈtʃatbɒt/

“A Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”
Oxford Dictionaries.



We call it your silent salesman.

It is an automated assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual person who helps us to get closer to our customers and answer to queries. Such a bot is an automated system of communication with users.


Why do businesses use chatbots?
Chatbots works!

A lot of companies are now incorporating interactive agents into their daily operations, communication with customers and sales processes. There are reasons for that like getting rid of routine tasks and simultaneous processing of multiple requests from users. Chatbots also help helps gaining customers’ loyalty by providing accurate and speedy responses to requests.

Researches show that Chatbots help to:

Improve customer service

No need to wait for the operator. No need to go though several presses before getting to the right answer.

Personalize communication

Answers to the specific questions. The more attention a customer gets the better impression he gets.

Maintain consistency

Because there is no human error involved.

Improve a response rate

About 90% of questions sent from Facebook business pages remain unanswered. Chatbot responds to 100% of messages and converts visitors into your customers.

Automate repetitive tasks

Most customers want to get answers on the same questions — When do you work? What is your location? Do you make deliveries? In order not to write the same answers every time, make a chatbot. It reduces your employees’ workload.

Chatbot Chat

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Trusted Partners

We have already helped a few SME make a difference. See what they say about us:

Asian Wedding Expo

Asian Wedding Expo has been held for 8 years in Macao. Every year, this large scale expo attracts a lot of visitors however we noticed a lot of mundane and unnecessary manual work were required for registration, and to capture and record data for this event.

This year, SignHUB helped them solve this problem with our EventHUB solution. Exhibitors and the organizer also had the option to use Chatbot to showcase their products and services prior to the event - thus attracting even more visitors to the expo this year.

We also incorporated lucky draws, questionnaires and real time update into this automated solution, thereby reducing an enormous amount of manual resources both before the event and during the course of the expo.

I would say that EventHUB is a must for every expo!

LO, Tak Chong
Managing Director of MacExpo Exhibition Co. Ltd.

ISG NIKE Sports Camps

ISG NIKE Case’s enrolment process was tedious and manual. That gave rise to human errors as well as time wasted by coaches on administrative matters. Our EnrolHUB solution helped them automate their enrolment and payment process, as well as provided a platform for queries and promotions.

This has resulted in a big success of 100% sign up rate for the ISG NIKE Sports summer camps.

The customised solution enables us to focus on our curriculum and maximizes the return from our investment. The EnrolHUB solution met all our requirements, the SignHUB staff were experienced, very easy to work with and provided us with professional advices to enhance our module. SignHUB had gone above and beyond our expectations!

Neville Tse
Managing Director of ISG NIKE Sports Camps

Macao International Start-Up Week

You will be pleased to know, The Macao Government is a supporter of SignHUB too!

SignHUB will be providing our pre-event registration; on-site admission service and A.I. powered Chatbot for the Macao International Start-Up week, which will be held from 20th to 22nd September 2018. This is an event hosted by the Macao Government to promote and support start-up companies in Macao.

Our unique EnrolHUB Chatbot will be used to answer every question from participants as well as assist exhibitors to broadcast their news and updates to everyone at or registered for the event.

Watch this space for some post event updates!